Moscow, Russia
May 10-12, 2009

A delegation from the international partner universities of the Moscow State Pedagogical University took part in a successful forum in Moscow to discuss the progress of the Tempus project, the trans-European mobility scheme for university studies.

A number of important questions were discussed at the forum, held at MSPU, which consisted of representatives from University College Ghent, Belgium, Pedagogical Academy of Krakow, Poland, Dagestan State Pedagogical University, Russia, and Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia.

Topics on the agenda included the structure of the ECTS catalogue with consideration of specific Russian issues, the design of the support system for international students, and the student database project.

Irina Obukhova told the community about the general progress of the Tempus project at MSPU. This introduction was followed by Sergey Zhdanov who described the MSPU’s view on the student online support system and demonstrated the engine of the ECTS catalogue.

Dmitriy Borodin showed examples of the ECTS course descriptions – including operations research and pattern recognition – developed together with Sergei Zhdanov and Victor Gorelik, professor of IT and mathematics.

The forum then discussed the materials presented, with the Belgian and Polish representatives offering suggestions on how to improve the framework. Frank Markowicz of the Pedagogical Academy of Krakow then demonstrated the student database developed at his university, including details of new standards for student mobility. It is recommended that the Krakow university database be used as an example for developing MSPU’s database.

The delegation from Dagestan then showed its progress on the project. The first day’s meeting was very productive and intensive. The key results confirmed by all participants were:

  1. MSPU and DSPU are moving in the right direction with the project.
  2. The addition of a new project objective: the MSPU student database.
  3. The project duration should be extended by another six months in order to develop the student database.
  4. The next project meeting is planned for September.

On the second day of the forum, the delegation met at the office of the international relations department of MSPU where the budget was discussed. All parties agreed on the problems discussed and decided to move forward with a clear and concise action plan.

The representatives of MSPU were very glad to welcome all partners from Ghent, Krakow and Dagestan to their university.

The following representatives took part in the meetings:

University College Ghent, Belgium
Anita Bernard, head of the Business and ICT faculty
Geert Baekelandt, head of the Business and ICT faculty international relations department
Wim De Bruyn, specialist in ICT and project management, lecturer
Stefan Delplace, expert
Hogeschool Gent logo
Pedagogical Academy of Krakow, Poland
Marek Frankowicz,, expert
Dagestan State Pedagogical University, Russia
Dzhafar Mallaev, rector
Gadgi Cherchiev, head of the university IT-department
Zagir Ataev, prorector for research
DGPU logo
Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia
Sergey Zhdanov, dean of the faculty of mathematics
Irina Obukhova, head of the university’s international relations department
Roman Dubovitsky, head of the innovation projects subdepartment
Alexey Yudin, head of the department for foreign students
Victor Gorelik, professor of IT and mathematics
Dmitriy Borodin, researcher at the MSPU faculty of mathematics
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