Moscow, Russia
February 21-25, 2010

Belgian delegation from the University College of Ghent came to Moscow State Pedagogical University for the technical TEMPUS meeting.
Two main meetings took place - a budget discussion in the MSPU main building, and a technical seminar on the Faculty of Mathematics.

The following discussions and presentations were done:

  1. Discussion on the financial progress parameters of the project, budget plan by the end of the project.
  2. Project results dessimination date.;
  3. Online ECTS catalogue beta version developed by Sergey Zhdanov and Alexey Kostin.
  4. Different user groups on the online ECTS catalogue, authentication mechanism with customizable feedback.
  5. Case of the system for managing and carrying out online competitions in elementary mathematics for schoold students - The system is developed by Alexey Kostin under the supervision of Sergey Zhdanov. This website also demonstrates the authentication mechanism with customizable feedback.
  6. Student exchange progress.

Key participants:

Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia
Geert Baekelandt, International Relations Officer, University Colledge Gent
Wim De Bruyn, Information Technology and Project Management, University Colledge Gent
Abdulatipgadzhi Cherchiev, head of the ICT department, Dagestan State Pedagogical University
Sergey Zhdanov, dean of the faculty of mathematics, MSPU
Irina Obukhova, head of the university’s international relations department, MSPU
Roman Dubovitsky, head of the innovation projects subdepartment, MSPU
Alexey Kostin, PhD student at the faculty of mathematics, MSPU
Victor Gorelik, professor of IT and mathematics, MSPU
Marek Frankowicz, Bologna expert, JU