Krakow, Poland
October 14-18, 2009

Polish, Russian and Belgian partners of the TEMPUS project consortium met in Krakow to discuss the technical preliminary results, the budgeting and also the the latest activities of the European Comission regarding the educational system in Europe.

Meeting participants:

Marek Frankowicz, Bologna expert, JU
Jan Kaluzny, head of International Relations, PAK

University College Ghent, Belgium
Wim De Bruyn, Information Technology and Project Management, UCG teaching staff
Geert Baekelandt, International Relations Officer
Inez Adriaensen, head for the college international relations
Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia
Sergey Zasorin, head of the international relations department
Roman Dubovitsky, head of the subdepartment for innovative projects within the International Relations department
Dagestan State Pedagogical University, Russia
Dzhafar Mallaev, rector
Abdulatipgadzhi Cherchiev, head of the university IT-department
Zagir Ataev, prorector for research