Krakow, Poland
March 10-11, 2008

Representatives from Russia - delegation of Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSPU) and Dagestan State Pedagogical University (DSPU) - participated in the "Bologna Day" conference in Krakow. The major topic of the conference was "The European Higher Education Are and reform process".
The following topics were discussed:

  1. How can we avoid making mistakes and use electronic system of ECTS files efficiently?
  2. How can we create a coherent system of education inside Europe?
  3. ECTS as a system of mobility and flexibility.
  4. Structure of Pedagogical University of Krakow, students exchange arrangements: registration procedures, accomodation, cost program based on learning agreement (2 hours).

Representatives of MSPU and DSPU:

Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia
Irina Obukhova, head of the university’s international relations department, MSPU
Ella Mikhailova, head of subdepartment for international cooperation within the Department of International Relations, MSPU
Aleksey Yudin, head of subdepartment for international students withinthe Department of International Relations, MSPU
Leonid Kolloss, deputy of the vice-rector for learning/teaching process, MSPU
Galina Nikitina, head of the administrative policy department, MSPU
Irina Voronova, general secretary of the association of the pedagogical universities and higher educational institutions of Russia, MSPU
Dhzafar Mallaev, rector, DSPU
Zagir Ataev, vice-rector for science, DSPU
Patima Omarova, head of the department for quality and grants, DSPU
Abdulatipgadzhi Cherchiev, head of the ICT department, Dagestan State Pedagogical University