Ghent, Belgium
November 17-18, 2009

An important meeting of the MSPU rector Victor Matrosov and UCG principal Rebort Hoogewijs took place in the University College of Ghent. They signed an agreement about student exchange and further cooperation between two education institutions. Also there was a discussion about the TEMPUS project process, MSPU and UCG international relations and management principles between UCG and MSPU representatives. Sergey Zasorin discussed financial project issues with Geert Baekelandt.

Meeting participants:

University College Ghent, Belgium
Robert Hogewijs, principal
Anita Bernard, head of the Business and ICT faculty
Wim De Bruyn, Information Technology and Project Management, UCG teaching staff
Geert Baekelandt, International Relations Officer
Stefan Delplace, expert, EU educational assosiation in Brussels
Dmitriy Borodin, researcher

Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia
Viktor Matrosov, rector
Dmitriy Melnikov, vice-rector for finances
Sergey Zasorin, head of the international relations department