Ghent, Belgium
December 15-20, 2008

Teams from MSPU and DSPU came to the University College of Ghent for various workshops, presentations and discussions.
Day by day, the following activities were done during this fruitful 5-day cooperation.

  1. Monday, December 15: Wim De Bruyn and Annick Sennesael
  2. Tuesday, December 16
  3. Wednesday, December 17
  4. Thursday, December 18
  5. Friday, December 19

MSPU and DSPU team representatives:

Irina Obukhova, head of the university’s international relations department, MSPU
Roman Dubovitsky, head of the innovation projects subdepartment, MSPU
Sergey Zhdanov, dean of the faculty of mathematics, MSPU
Dmitriy Borodin, researcher at the MSPU faculty of mathematics, MSPU
Gadgi Cherchiev, head of the university IT-department, DSPU