Management of Social Systems


1.     The title:

Management of Social Systems

2.     Summary

The aims of the course are students acquaintance with current approaches to the administration of the social work, to the technologies and the specific methods of the management of the social work; forming the audiences basic perceptions of fundamental trends and technologies of the practical social work in Russia; developing the students conceptual apparatus and teaching them practical techniques of organizational activities in the sphere of the social work; developing the students managerial skills and habits and their practical training for the administrative methods and techniques during the process of the activities.

The course objectives are students acquaintance with the methods, technologies and the techniques of a specialists, a managers position in the system of the social work; forming the students knowledge of administrative forms and methods in the system of the social work; training the students practical organizational habits; developing the students practical administrative skills and forming their primary skills of the social work in a managerial position.

Requirements for the level of the mastering the subject content.

a) a student should know and be able to use:

- thesaurus of the theory of the social management (categorial and conceptual apparatus);

- basic theories of the management of the social work, trends, concepts and approaches to the organization of the various aspects of the social life;

- basic methods of the social work administration;

- the development logic of the social organization on the assumption of subjecting it to the certain managerial effects;

- basic directions and problems of the practical organization of the management in the system of the social work from the view-point of different scientific conceptions and theories of the psychology of the management;

- social problems and peculiarities of the organizational and administrative solving the various problems of sociological and legal activities of the social centres.

b) a student must have skills of:

- individual work with scientific literature;

- holding the scientific debates ;

- theoretical justification of his/her position in accordance with the modern social conceptions;

- analysis of different social phenomena from the view-point of the most adequate scientific approaches;

- use of the basic methods of the theory and the practice of the social work;

- organizational consulting and management.

) a student must have an idea of:

- basic problems of the theory of the social work;

- modern state of the management theory in the field of the social work as a sphere of professional activity;

- the most significant for the theory of the social work cognitive categories, concepts and terms;

- a variety of methodological approaches to the study of different spheres of the social life of the society;

- different methods and techniques of the organizational and administrative work in social subjects.


3.     Total amount of hours 170

4.     Overall labour-intensiveness



Type of work

Number of hours


Theoretical studies (lectures)



Practical studies



Independent work



Work in the library









5.     Credits - 6

6.     The period of the academic year: 7-8 semester (academic year)

7.     Specialty Social Pedagogy

8.     Information of the developer:


Madina Magomedovna Asilderova, Candidate of Pedagogy, assistant professor, the author of more than 70 scientific publications.

Research interests: ethnopedagogy, pedagogy of extreme situations, sociology and philosophy of the social work. The holder of the series of regional roundtables and seminars, devoted to various problems of the social work and philanthropy in Russia and Dagestan.

The participant of the The peacemaking education and developing the tolerance of children and young people in the Northern Caucasus on the Program of the UNO Childrens Fund (UNICEF).