Psychotechnical games



1.     The title:

Psychotechnical games


2.     Summary

The Psychotechnical games" course has been developed for the students of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology.

The aim of the special course is forming the students' knowledge, practical skills and habits of organizing and conducting the psychotechnical games with children of the preschool age.

Requirements for a student after finishing the training:

A student should have an idea of:

v       the psychotechnique concept;

v       the development of the psychotechnique in the historical aspect;

v       psychotechnique comprehension at the modern stage;

v       psychotechnical games for sportsmen, teachers;

v       organization of psychotechnical games with children of the preschool age.

A student should be able to:

v       concretize the game goal;

v       make abstracts of the psychtechnical exercise, psychotechnical game tasks, psychotechnical games;

v       play games in a group of students;

v       arrange games with preschoolers;

v       keep a diary of observations.


3.                Total amount of hours 120


4.                Overall labour-intensiveness of the subject



Type of work

Amount of hours


Theoretical studies (lectures)



Practical studies



Independent work



Work in the library






5.                Credits - 4

6.                The period of the academic year: 7 semester (the first half-year)

7.                Specialty code 050703 Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology

8.                Information of the developer:

Diana Imiralievna Gasanova the head of the chair of the pedagogical technologies and methods, Candidate of Pedagogy, assistant professor. The author of more than 120 scientific publications, including 3 textbooks. The book "The theory and the practice of psychotechnical games" by D.I. Gasanova took the first place in the All-Russia contest for the best scientific book in 2008 of the Fund for the Development of National Education. One of the authors of the book "The methods of teaching of children's rights", written by a grant of the UNO Children's Fund (UNICEF).

The participant of the grant The peacemaking education and developing the tolerance of children and young people in the Northern Caucasus of the UNO Children's Fund (UNICEF).